Need some gaff tape? Looking for alcohol wipes to clean a globe? Need to buy some gel? Look no further! San Diego Film Equipment has the largest assortment of lighting and grip expendables in the city.
We carry 4’ gel rolls in a variety of color temperatures and party colors. We carry all the standard diffusion gels like opal, 250, 216, light grid, and even magic cloth! We have all shades of CTO, CTB, CTS, and plus or minus green.
We carry gaff tape and camera black paper tape in a variety of sizes and shades. If you’re looking for 4x8 black and white bead board, we’re the only place in town that carries it for sale. We also have a variety of grip electric expendables for sale such as snot tape for making frames and cube taps.
We carry zip cord and add a taps as well as porcelain bases for regular light bulbs. We have in stock a variety of HMI and tungsten globes too. Looking for a stinger hubbell Edison plug? We got it!