Production Supplies and Expendables

San Diego Film Equipment carries a variety of expendables for your production. We carry various production tapes, hangars, makeup stations and wardrobe racks. 
Our wardrobe racks are industry standard rolling racks and hangars can be added as well upon request. Our makeup stations are robust and come with a mirror and vanity bulbs built in. We carry gaff tape of various sizes and colors.
We carry 10x10 pop up tents with sides that are easy to set up and take down. We have trashcans with bags that can be purchased additionally. We have coolers of various sizes to keep your water cold and your crew refreshed. Don’t forget box fans on those hot days!
We also have chairs and folding tables for lunches and base camp, butt cans, and fire extinguishers. Looking walkie talkies? We carry Motorola 16 channel radios with a variety of headsets so you can stay in communication with your crew and production team 24/7!