San Diego Film Equipment has various grip truck rental packages available for your next production. We offer grip trucks to accommodate both for small and very large shoots. Each of our grip trucks is fully customizable to your needs and includes a full complement of grip equipment. Each package contains custom carts that fit through standard doorways and can be easily moved by one person. We can also provide you a list of experienced drivers that can fill out your onset crew.
Our one (1) ton van package is designed for smaller shoots (e.g. corporate videos, documentaries, or interviews). This style production usually consists of a limited size crew. We use an extended Chevy 3500 Express Van with a ladder roof rack.
Our three (3) ton grip truck package comes fully equipped with everything you would expect, including a liftgate. San Diego Film Equipment stocks this truck with a full complement of grip and rigging equipment on this package, plus there is room for lighting gear (e.g. RGB LED, Tungsten, and HMIs). You can also customize this package for your production by choosing additional items à la carte. This truck is outfitted with gear carts that allow for efficient means of transporting the gear onto set.