Arri LED Lighting

San Diego Film Equipment has the largest supply of RGBW and bi-color Arri LED Lighting fixtures in the Southern California. We carry all the newest professional LED fixtures from Arri, Litepanel, Lite Gear, Quasar, Digital Sputnik, Wescott, and many more. From Arri S60 Skypanels, to 6x Astra 1x1 Units, to the brand new Litemat Spectrums, we’ve got you covered!
San Diego Film Equipment also carries the largest and most powerful LED fixtures on the market from Lightstar. We carry both the Lightstar Lightman LUXED-9 and LUXED 4 fixtures. These units rival both 4k and 1800w HMI’s in intensity and color rendering. They are bi-color and have wireless DMX built in! Call us for Aputure LED lighting kits and LED RGB lights for rent.

RGBW LED Lighting

For LED tube lighting, RGBW LED lighting we carry the 4ft and 2ft Quasar X-Fades, the 4ft and 2ft Digital Sputnik Voyagers, as well as the incredibly versatile and popular Astera Titan tubes. The Astera Titans rent in a set of 8 tubes with a built in charging case. With the optional wifi link, all tubes are CRMX and wireless  DMX Compatible.

Aputure LED Lighting Kits

The work horse of the industry is the Arri S60 Skypanel. Our S60 Skypanels come ready to work with optional chimeras and 40-degree control grids. We also have options to run the skypanels off battrery power for up to 2 hours at full output!
We also carry the Aputure 300D MKII lights with all the accessories. From the Light Dome II to the Fresnel attachment and even the Leko attachment!