San Diego Film Equipment has hands down the largest variety and selection of HMI lighting in San Diego County. Whether you are looking for an  Arri M18, a K5600 Joker 800, or a 12k Par we got you covered.
We carry all the major HMI Manufacturers including Arri, LTM, K5600, Sunray, and CMC. All our HMI lighting is well maintained and comes with an electric ballast. Our M18’s and Joker 1600’s come with high speed ballasts that make shooting slow motion flicker free a breeze.
Our k5600 lights are compatible in house with a number of adapters. Our Joker 800 “Joe Lekos” are always incredibly popular rental items. They are the perfect high-powered controllable daylight source. We also have the new Joker Kurve lighting kits. They turn our Joker 800w and 1600w lights into beautiful large daylight balanced beauty umbrellas. These are similar to the older Briese lights made famous by the photography world.
We also have the largest sources in San Diego for larger shoots requiring larger sources. We carry 12k Pars, 12K Fresnels, and 4K Pars. When you need HMI Daylight Lighting Kits and a light to pack a punch, just turn to San Diego Film Equipment.