Rigging And Hardware

San Diego Film Equipment is your one stop shop for all your rigging and grip hardware needs. We carry every tool you can think of for any job. From car rigging kits, to menace arms, to specialty clamps, we have everything you need. We carry rigging and hardware from the most respected companies like American Grip, Modern Grip, and Matthews Grip.
We carry cardellini clamps, mafer clamps, 1” ¼ speedrail rigging, and specialty rigging hardware. Our knowledgeable staff can help you come up with a solution for any rigging situation. Whether you need to rig a camera or a light. San Diego Film Equipment has the knowledge and the gear to make sure your rig is safe and secure. 
We carry candle sticks, grip rigging and hardware, car starter grenades, baby pins, you name it! We are San Diego’s most trusted grip and lighting rental house. The most important thing is the experience and knowledge to get your rig done safely and effectively. No other local rental house can come close.